Do we continue to say “Yes, boss, of course boss!” when women are disadvantaged in the world of work?

A film by Alex, Asmae, Hajar, Kathrin, Masume, Naomi, Sandra
Animation coach: Adele Razkövy // Help with puppet making: Suzan Fakia // Coaches: Teclaire Ngo-Tam, Alexandra Pluch, Maria Macic, Rosemarie Schöffmann, Tina Leisch

Thanks to
Rosemarie Schöffmann, Karin Kopeinig, Alexandra Pluch & the team of the Girls’ Centre Klagenfurt, Suzan Fakia, Anneliese Michael, Daniel Romuald Bitouh, Teclaire Ngo-Tam, Adele Razkövi, the Salesians of Don Bosco Mimboman (Yaoundé, Cameroon), AFRIEUROTEXT Vienna and Cameroon, Dreikönigsaktion der Katholischen Jungschar, Karin Mayer, Eva Dranaz 3007Wien, Fabio Peissl, Serge Joel Efouba Ngono, Elodie Soumback Akono, Rosemarie Schöffmann, Maria Macic, Tina Leisch

Supported by BMKÖS, Section IV, Dept.3 (Film) and Dept.7 (Cultural Initiatives) // ADA – Austrian Development Agency // Future Fund of the Republic of Austria // Dreikönigsaktion // Cultural Department of the City of Vienna-MA7 // Province of Carinthia Cultural Department // Province of Carinthia Women’s Department