Free space – Espacio libre

Are social media a free space or a threat to our freedom?

What happens to our data in the background of the apps? The young people conduct interviews and expert Daniel Lohninger from the data protection NGO answers the young people from Eferding and Malabo’s questions about the dark side of digitalisation in a Zoom talk.

A film by Felix Huemer, Simon Pölzlberger, Julia Wenzl, Levi Martin Olivera Marquez, Benjamín Olivera Marquez, Frank Anthony Obama Nsue, Salvador Exel Batapa Marquez, Inmaculada Nzang Mba Mbengono

Interviewees: Daniel Lohninger, Vanessa Hannesschläger, Diana Allerstorfer, Michael Wiesinger, Juan Carlos Robbe Sepa, Damaris Obama Ntongono, María Luisa Biyé Nsue Ada, Gabriel Carlos Nze Bula

Coaches: Clara Trischler & Ruben Monsuy

Direction and editing: Clara Trischler

Special thanks to Petra Lehner.

A co-production of the Silent Majority with the HAK Eferding, the Mukuru Promotion Centre, the Loyola Centre for Media and Communication

With the support of ADA- Austrian Development Agency / Land Oberösterreich Kultur / Dreikönigsaktion der Österreichischen Jungschar / OeAD