How does social media affect family, friendship and private life?

Students from HAK Traun and young people from Pikine, a suburb of Dakar in Senegal, conducted many interviews on this topic.

A film by Ndaye Coumba Ndoye, Richard Seyr, Bana Guéye, Nubert Enrico, Moussa Alphonse Kabwita and Stefan Savic – Coaches: Mustaf (Moustapha Mbaye) & Fabio Peissl.

With the support of ADA – Austrian Development Agency / Province of Upper Austria Culture / Dreikönigsaktion der Österreichischen Jungschar / City of Traun

Special thanks to Claudia Adlung, Rosemarie Tauschek, Sandra Krampelhuber, City of Traun.

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