Stop bullying!

Many young people have had painful experiences with bullying, some have been bullied.

Esmeralda and Serafin from Equatorial Guinea have founded an NGO to put a stop to bullying in schools. Marleen, Yvonne and Zainab from Eferding wanted to present their ugly observations as a beautiful animated film.

A film by Marleen Exenschläger, Yvonne Friedl, Zainab Kiktouh, Terencio Borico, Esmeralda Andeme and Valentine Ubenga Borabota.

Interviews with Laurent Straskraba from Safer Internet – Austria and Esmeralda Andeme from Stop Bullying – Guinea Equatorial

Coaches: Max Doppelbauer – Tina Leisch – Petra Lehner – Pedro Mba Ndong Nseng – Anita Ichaicoto Topapori

Drawings: Marleen Exenschläger

Special thanks to Petra Lehner

A co-production of the Silent Majority with the HAK Eferding and the Asociación Cinematográfica de Guinea Ecuatorial.

With the support of ADA- Austrian Development Agency / Land Oberösterreich Kultur / Dreikönigsaktion der Österreichischen Jungschar / OeAD