Water. Water. Avê

All children and young people have the right to free access to education and also the right to culture, play and leisure.

However, some children have to take on too much responsibility at an early age and are unable to concentrate on school and learning and have hardly any time to play. This film tells the story of one such girl in Vienna and of children in a refugee camp in northern Syria.

A film by Cati, Elena, Jiwan, Juliana, Mara, Midas
Coach: Khoshman Qado / Camera: Khoshman Qado, Nurdane Türkmen, Tina Leisch / Make-up: Elena / Production: Cati, Elena, Sevinaz Evdike, Maria Macic, Michela Fricek / Translation: Kamiran Issa, Medya Mustafa

Supported by BMKÖS, Section IV, Dept.3 (Film) and Dept.7 (Cultural Initiatives) // ADA – Austrian Development Agency // Future Fund of the Republic of Austria // Dreikönigsaktion // Cultural Department of the City of Vienna-MA7 // OeAD // FC Gloria