Climate Change

A healthy environment is a human right, guaranteed to all children in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Climate change violates this right. What can we do and who is responsible?

A film by Annamaria Varda, Johannes Kletzl, Viviane Dernt, Franz Königswieser, Aubrielyn Mesa, Joemart Mesa, Joana Mae Mesa, Princes Jhoanne Nicolas

Interviews & camera & editing: Franz Königswieser & She Andes
Production management of all films: Maria Macic, She Andes & Helen Grace Udtuhan

Thanks to Karin Schwarzmaier, Renate Konheisner, Nerwin A. Baron, Jeraldine Bigcas, Integrated Pastoral Development Initiative Inc, Cha Roque, Marlies Pöschl, all participants of the CYASF and the BORG Neulengbach, Dreikönigsaktion, Clara Handler, Alfons Drexler, Karin Mayer, Gerhard Kovatsch, ELLLY FILMS, Eva Dranaz 3007Wien, Katharina Simunic, Balqis Mukari, Julia Várkonyi, Lisa Rosenblatt, Günther Moser, Dennis Y. Batoy, Christopher L. Funes, Helen Grace Udtuhan, Angela Marich B. Arienda, Mariella Olivera, Maria Macic, and many more.

Supported by BMKÖS, Section IV, Dept.3 (Film) and Dept.7 (Cultural Initiatives) // ADA – Austrian Development Agency // Future Fund of the Republic of Austria // Dreikönigsaktion // Cultural Department of the Province of Lower Austria // OeAD