I’m F.I.N.E

News from the stress zone. Students of the HAK Eferding and the Vocational School of the Mukuru Promotion Centre in Nairobi told each other bad experiences, measured them against the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and developed a surprising film with wit and irony.

A Film by – Mradi Kati ya
Omogi Rachael Achieng, Allegra Üblinger, Ann Mumbe Nzila, Marcel Edtmayer, Esther Mende Mbatha, Leonie Hartwagner, Valentine Nyaboke Nyabuto

Jamila Schamanek, Fabio Peissl,Jimmy Mulei

Cinematography & Sound
Fabio Peissl & Jimmy Mulei

Jamila Schamanek & Fabio Peissl


Suzie Léger, Petra Lehner, Dinah Maina, Mary Murithi, Jacqueline Kiio, Agnes Chebet, Winnie Ogutu, Salome Masha
Mukuru Promotional Center, Loyola Centre for Media and Communications

Spezial thanks to Petra Lehner, Dennis Mabeya, PH OÖ, Silvia Dreer, Irmgard Bebe, Alfons Drexler, Roman Schanner