Violence Around The World

Do you recognise violence when you see it? How do young people experience such situations?

In this hip hop song, students from Kenya and Austria confront us with unpleasant topics such as refugee policy and gender based violence. Their demands: more brain in politics and more empathy for one another.

Ein Film von / a film by / mradi kati ya
Ikram, Julian, Jackline, Esther, Evelyn, Nancy, Patrice & Scholes

Supported by
Anja, David, Efil, Laurids, Sabrina, Selina, Sophie & Ömer

Katharina Simunic
Santrina Raymond

Shoot supervisor
Santrina Raymond
Katharina Simunic
Günther Moser

Katharina Simunic
Jared Chochi

“Violence Around The World” by
Ikram, Julian, Jackline, Esther, Evelyn, Nancy, Patrice & Scholes
produced by NISHA

Traplords Studio
Katharina Simunic
Tina Leisch

Santrina Raymond
Ben Owen-Browne

Dinah Maina
Mary Murithi
Jaqueline Kiio
Agnes Chebet
Winnie Ogutu
Salome Masha

Special Thanks to
Rosemarie Tauschek
Alfred Fehringer

Eine Koproduktion / A coproduction of Schweigende Mehrheit & Berufsschule 7 Linz & Mukuru Promotion Centre & Loyola Centre for Media and Communication

This short film was produced as part of the project “Finger weg von meinen Rechten!-Don’t mess with my rights!” Seven transcontinental teams of young people produced short films for this project. Every week one of them will be published.